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released February 25, 2016

Lead Guitar: John Bruni; Bass: Keith Jaissle; Drums: Sean Francis; Lead Vocals: Sunny Dickson; Rhythm Guitar: Jared Dickson. Recorded at Goon Lagoon Studios, engineered and mixed by Tommy Schichtel.



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Silverstiles Grand Rapids, Michigan

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Track Name: Heartache
V 1
I'm goin' to the well tonight
I'm gonna cross that blue line
Don't want Romance that'll drive me crazy
You better take the next plane out
I'll tell you what it's all about now
Don't want Romance that'll drive you crazy x2

Heading for a heartache I know
Pack up your things and go
Time to see the world all around you

V 2
I'm gonna sleep in that sunshine
Take care of what is mine
Don't want romance that'll drive me crazy
You better come up with a plan
Don't try to understand now
Don't want romance that'll drive you crazy x2



Track Name: Holiday
V 1

Holiday for my mind
I am finally free of all plans and designs
Decompressing now
Flying over the sea
Let it be for now
Bags are packed, bags are checked
I'm ready to go!


Hear me callin' out
Around the world
I'm just another high-flyin' bird!

V 2

Tequila on the beach
Sunset in the sky
No more lessons to teach
Spirit's soaring high
With a friend from LA
Hours drifting by
Water's edge, blue-green waves
A midnight swim!


V 3

What a sweet memory
For cold November nights
Dreaming of blue-green waves
New plans and designs
Soon we'll be on the ground
Thing's will work out fine
Mind is clear, smiling now
I'm ready to go!

Track Name: Shipwrecked Son
Hey hey, watchin' my baby leavin' town
He says it's dyin' and he don't wanna stick around
One thing I won't soon forget...
The sight of you in your Sunday best
One thing more to confess...


You're a shipwrecked son whose plans are undone
Driftin' along on a wave
A shipwrecked son, your plans are undone
Watchin' your taillights fade away
Watchin your taillights fadin'.. fadin' away

V 2

Lowdown, that's the way things have gone
Company's leavin'; don't need me to come along
Oh my my, such an awful sight
I've been drinkin' all through the night
Can't keep myself upright


What's the point in tryin'
When I can't stop cryin'?
All those hours lyin' awake...

The daughters and the sons
Tryin' the find a way back
Their plans are all undone.
Watchin' their taillights fade away
Watchin' their taillights fadin'... fadin'...